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Activision公司本周联合Infinity Ward发布了《使命召唤4;现代战争(Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare)》1.4版补丁程序。开发团队介绍,这款新版补丁除了附赠一张名为“Winter Crash”的全新多人地图之外,还对游戏中部分武器的精确度、服务器端程序以及插件设定进行了相应调整。



* \”Winter Crash\”, a holiday version of Multiplayer map \”Crash\”
* Improvements to the server browser
* Fixed some rare bullet accuracy issues for all weapons.
* For server admins: fixed user ban list not working correctly on servers. Ban.txt will be created in the main or fs_game directory


* In the connect screen, Mods will be identified as\”Mod: [mod name]\”
* Only official IWD files will be read from the main directory. All custom IWD should be placed in a mod directory.
* Fix for reloading several times after connecting to a modded server
* Improved mod.ff support to allow adding game types.
* Fixed an issue with Http redirect downloads.
* \”fs_game\” will be forced to lower case


* Download the file below
* Run the installer and make sure its pointed to the installation folder for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Filefront—— of Duty 4 Modern Warfare PC v14 Patch/;9287438;/fileinfo.html





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